Pir Zia Inayat Khan

Pir Zia Inayat Khan is the current head (Pir) of The Inayati Order: A Sufi Path of Spiritual Liberty. He is the grandson of its founder, Hazrat Inayat Khan. This page presents some of his teachings.

Pir Zia's website is PirZia.org.

Pir Zia's school is Suluk Academy.

Practices: The Seven Leading Names

Over seven periods from new moon to new moon in 2004 Pir Zia provided practices on the "Seven Leading Names." Pir Zia invites all mureeds to use this course of meditation in their daily practice. Each moon period focuses on one of the seven names.


Pir Zia says:

I would like to focus on one grouping of the 99 names, which have been highlighted by the classical Sufis as being especially important. They are the names which refer to aspects of the consciousness of God; so the Sufis have given them priority and have called them the al asma al ayima al sabaha, that is to say the seven leading Names. There is a kind of hierarchy within the names in terms of the order of ontological precedence. Within that hierarchy these seven are considered to occupy a special position. At the Abode of the Message, we have been working with these names successively one after another for the last year. I have composed instructions based on Murshid’s teaching and Pir Vilayat’s teaching and the teaching of the ancient Sufis for each of the names including practices to do relating to each of the names. I hope you will find these are names you can use in your own work. Most of them I think you will be familiar with.

The Practices


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