The sixth of the Seven Leading Names is al-Basir, the All-Seeing.

Why have I two eyes if not to behold Thy glorious vision? - Vadan.
The opening of the inner sight begins in the eyes, then in the face, then in the chest, then in the entire body. - Shaykh Najm al-Din Kubra.



Ya Basir 21x
Fikr: Basir on exhalation 11x
Fikr-i sirr

Shughl of the eyes

Close eyes with index fingers gently resting on the eyelids. Breathe in deeply. Hold without strain. Feel that one is looking at the universal light which is the cause of the whole manifestation and out of which have come all the visible forms of this world before our view. Exhale slowly. Repeat two times.

Shughl of the mirror

  1. "The faithful is a mirror to the Faithful" (Hadith). Look into a mirror for 10 minutes, keeping the eyes relaxed and the gaze steady. See your face as the reflection of the Eternal Face. (Practice once only).
  2. Conversing with another person, recognize his/her face as a reflection of the Eternal Face. "Souls unite at the meeting of a glance." (Murshid)
  3. In nature, espy the Eternal Face in myriad living forms. "Wherever you turn, there is God's Face." (Koran)

Third eye (latifa khafiya) practice

"Think of your eyes as headlamps of a car as you inhale and project those beams forward in the dark as you exhale. Concentrate on a beam of light that descends through the crown center like a shaft of light and then is refracted forward as a beam through some point in the forehead at the pineal gland. As you exhale, that beam is aimed at the spotlight created by the convergence of the beams of your two eyes. Now connect up your glance with the whole hierarchy of beings of light and know that your glance is like an extension of the light that sees instead of the light that is seen, the light of the hierarchies of the beings of light, of the pure luminous intelligences. It's important to draw the light from very high up, not just concentrating the horizonal beam of the the third eye, but linking it up with the shaft of light that descends. That will give a tremendous intensity and penetration to your glance. Now as you inhale turn your eyeballs upwards and immediately the third eye will turn itself upwards. Your consciousness will rise in the fountain of light at the top of the head and you'll reach right up. Exhale once more and bring all that light down and through the third eye. Instead of concentrating on the light emitted by your physical eyes, concentrate entirely on the third eye. This is the secret of looking into the souls of people. Do not simply identify with the beam that emerges from the pineal. You have to link it up with the spirit that descends, otherwise you develop a kind of hypnotic gaze. The Sufis call it 'generous light.' It's not an inquiring ego light; it's a loving light. The glance is set now; when you open your eyes you should be able to keep your eyes at infinity and not allow your eyes to be focused by the objects in front of you. You don't 'see,' you just cast light. It's a very wonderful practice and it's important because that's the way of using light to commune with people." - Pir Vilayat

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