The seventh of the Seven Leading Names is al-Kalim, the Interlocutor.

The Breath of Compassion, from which all manifestation originates, resounds in the mouth of the Cosmos as Logos, Divine Word. In resonance matter is made and remade, eventually reaching the form of the human, the "speaking soul" (nafs natiqa).

Man is a wonderful creature ... he speaks through a lump of flesh! - Hazrat 'Ali
The moment when the infant begins to speak is the time that its spirit has formed. - Murshid

Speech is the body, made of breath, in which intelligence incarnates.



Ya Kalimu

Fikr – Exhale: "Speech is the incarnation of intelligence." Inhale: "And silence is the resurrection of speech."


Maintain a period of intentional silence (perhaps thirty minutes to an hour) each day. Does this effect the way in which you speak and listen at other times?


Consider your words as inscriptions on the eternal tablet of the cosmos. What mark do you wish to make?

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