Of the seven leading names the fourth is al-Mureed, the Desirer.

God is Love:

Know that before its association with shadowy phenomenal being, the limitless being was hidden. There was no trace from the traceless. By the necessity of its own love for itself, the limitless being descended through a procession of divine and phenomenal emanations. In every creature, by virtue of the constraint of limitation it appears as 'lover', and by virtue of transcending limitation it reveals itself as 'beloved'.
– Shah Kalimullah Jahanabadi
God plays the game of love with Himself. He himself is His own lover and He Himself is His own beloved. He is not occupied with anyone else, for there is no one else.
– Shaykh Muhammad Chishti

Fulfillment of desire:

Murshid Dr. Roberto Assagioli
The hidden desire of the Creator is the secret of the whole creation.
1. Goal-purpose-intention
Failure is caused by indistinctness of motive.
2. Deliberation
3. Decision
When a desire becomes a steady thought, its success is assured.
4. Affirmation
5. Planning
6. Direction of the execution


Wazifa: ya Habib, ya Mahbub, ya Muqallab al Qulub
("O Lover, O Beloved, O Transformer of Hearts")

Fikr: Habib (exhale), Mahbub (inhale), Muqallab al-Qulub (hold)

Walking Fikr: Habib (right foot), Mahbub (left foot), Muqallab al-Qulub (fikr-i sirr)

Dharana: When a desire appears, the aspirant should, with the mind withdrawn from all objects, fix his mind on it as the very self, then he will have the realization of the essential reality. (Vijnana-bhairava)

Suluk: Recognize the Divine desire, however constrained and distorted, in every act of every being.

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