Mid-South Regional Retreat

September 12-15 2019

Camp Allen, Navasota Texas

The lake at Camp Allen

Come join with us for a weekend of openhearted spiritual fellowship and sharing, including meditation,practices with breath and sound, joyous music, Dances of Universal Peace, ecstatic Sufi chanting (zikr), and fun! We are an interspiritual community. So whatever your path, you are welcome!

Our theme this year is “Renewing Our Divine Connection with Nature.” We will explore our vital connection with the Sacred Manuscript of Nature, both inner and outer, through the expressive arts–music, visual arts, crafts, poetry, out door installation and dance as well as meditations and other spiritual practices.

“There is only One Holy Book, the sacred manuscript of nature, the only book that can enlighten the reader.” –Hazrat Inayat Khan

For more information, please call Wahhaba at 214-337-8921 or e-mail

Sponsored by the Mid-South Region of The Inayati Order: A Path of Spiritual Liberty.