Note – After the coronavirus pandemic most of our events are held online only.

Monthly Community Gathering

Community Gatherings are held on the second Friday of each month. Various leaders take turns leading each month, and the gathering may include readings from Hazrat Inayat Khan, teachings, meditation practices and zikr. Zikr (the word means Remembrance) is a ceremony of chanting sacred phrases, many in Arabic, for the purpose of elevating our state of mind and being in community with each other. This gathering is open to all; please come even if you have never been to one before but would like to experience what goes on.

Meeting details will be posted on the TTO email list. If you don’t receive the email, please contact us.

Meditation Classes

These classes provide instruction in Sufi practices of meditation and in the philosophy and teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan. Please contact the teacher, Paméla Overeynder at or 512-826-7563 for permission to attend. There’s no cost for any of the classes.

Sangathas: Practices and Teachings for Initiates

If you are a long-time mureed you may be interested in the Sangatha class.

This class includes practices and readings of Murshid’s Sangatha papers. What richness! Many of us have read the Sangatha papers and many of us have only read parts. This is a wonderful opportunity to come together in spiritual community and be nourished, as Rumi said, by the milk of millennia.

The Sangatha classes are open to advanced mureeds. If you are interested, please contact Paméla for permission to join.

Sufi Dancing (Dances of Universal Peace)

Dance image

From the beginning of time, sacred movement and song have brought people together as part of everyday life and life passages and in daily renewal and meditation. Sufi Dances of Universal Peace are part of this timeless tradition. They are simple, joyous circle dances, moving meditations that use sacred phrases and movements from all of the world’s wisdom traditions.

No experience is necessary, and all are welcome! Dress is casual. You don’t need a partner, but bring friends.

Note – This gathering is suspended. See our Dance page for details.